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With our in-house developed tools we help you discover valuable information that you might have missed!

How it works

What does Meriate do?

Avoid Cognitive Bias

Organisations are loaded with insights, expertise and information. Through extensive research it has been shown that this treasure is often inefficiently used because of cognitive and organisational bias. Meriate, and our software Meriate PI, helps your information avoid these mistakes.

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In-house software

We apply our own software, Meriate PI and analytic skills to your organisation. Making use of a multi-level analysis of your organisation and people, we help you develop and grow from within.

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Always improving

We apply iterative testing to our method of research.
The advice we compile from your team, will be implemented in tests, which we will help you monitor and develop from.

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“Despite our best intentions, we fall prey to cognitive and organizational biases that get in the way of good decisions”

– Tim Koller, Corporate Finance at McKinsey & Company

What we can offer you

Employee = Expert

We have developed our process to put your employees in the driver seat, not some expensive outside consultant.

Get to better decisions

We do not tell people what to do, but rather have them decide the best course, without giving in to biases.

Safety First

because of the sensitive nature of our services we strive for the highest level of security of your data.

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